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All I did was... stage 1 home with 3 apartments in 4 hours.

Staging in the Beaches area of Toronto Advantage Staging comes across a tenanted home quite often that needs to be staged for the listing photos.

In this 1.4 million dollar professionally renovated property at 42 Hammersmith Ave., the owner lived on the main floor. The tenants on the upper floor and in the basement apartment agreed to permit staging of their apartments as long as we put everything back in its place once the listing photos were taken.

Always up for a challenge we agreed to send our team of four stagers in at 11 am to be ready for the photos at 3 pm.

We started on the upper floor, moved down to the basement apartment and then finished up on the main floor. Everything not required for staging purposes was packed up in boxes and bins and stored in the closets, in cabinets and under the beds.

A lot of work for a matter of a two hour photo shoot. Our team works like clock work so it was piece of cake to make sure we were ready for the deadline of 3 p.m.  for the photographer. We were finished with 20 minutes to spare.

The catch came when the agent called to say that there was a showing at 5 p.m.  Could we stay until after the buyer came through and then put everything back. 

Of course we were happy to accommodate the request of the agent. Luckily my team had lived in The Beaches for a number of years. I had suggested they bring their bathing suits when we booked the job. With the Lake Ontario at the end of the short street this was working out beautifully for a day at the beach.


It was a really hot day and the beach was filled to capacity. You really live the life when you live in The Beaches in Toronto.

Too bad The Beaches International Jazz Fest was a few days away. Would have been the cherry on the top of our staging job.

The owner couldn't believe what we accomplished in a few short hours. She said her place looked like hers but somehow better. 

It was if I was a fairy Godmother and had come to sprinkle fairy dust on her home to make it look polished.

Here are a few of the finished rooms in this charming house for sale in the Beaches part of Toronto. 

The upper floor is my favourite as it has the double doors that open onto a covered balcony. The tree canopy makes you feel like you are away at an island somewhere. And who wouldn't want to come home to that every day!

Here are a few shots of the upper apartment and a view of the house from the street level.

42 hammersmith kitchen after  42 hammersmith balcony












42 hammersmith kitchen after

                   42 hammersmith front of house












Here are a few shots of the main floor... 

42 hammersmith kitchen close up42 hammersmith


 42 hammersmith kitchen     42 hammwersmith bathroom


Investment, minimal.

Impact, priceless.

The agent recognized with this property that it would be to everyone's benefit if our team came in to pack everything up so that all the floors of the property were prepared for listing photos at the same time. The tenants were not incovenienced as they were out at work during the day. Everything was put back on the counters in time for their arrival back home.

Simple and effective staging techniques to achieve the quality listing photos that are needed when selling a tenanted property.

If you would like to have our team work with your tenants we are ready when you are. We visit the tenants, explain how and why we do what we do and ask if they will cooperate with the staging requests to prepare the property for sale.

Michelle Finnamore Interiors Ltd.

2012 RESA Top Ten Stager in Canada






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All I did was… stage 1 home with 3 apartments in 4 hours.
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