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Name:Michelle Finnamore
Company:Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket
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Mobile:(416) 928-2999
Address:77-9100 Jane St., Bldg. L, Vaughan , ON, L4K 0A4
Description:The "GO TO GIRL" when you are marketing your property for sale in the Vaughan and GTA area. We also service the new home residential builder by providing decor selection service & design model homes.

Home Staging in Vaughan

WANT THE COMPETITIVE EDGE?  While living in a property it is decorated to suit your lifestyle. When you are selling a property it is now a product for sale and you have competition.

Advantage Staging will prepare your property for listing photos to give  you a competitive edge in the market place. Incorporate a Professional Home Staging consultation into your marketing plan to....

Attract attention, Gain interest, Create demand and desire Initiate action on the part of the buyer


Advantage Staging approaches each project with professionalism while adhering to the CSP™ Code of Conduct. With over 25 years in the building industry you will get experience and professional results on time and on budget.


2016 & 2017 Voted Best Staging Company in Vaughan and Toronto GTA by Vaughan Citizen


Home Staging Services in Vaughan

Full Staging Services- Advantage Staging works with your existing or rental furnishings and accessories to create a whole new look in your home maximizing appeal to the widest group of buyers.

Vacant Property Staging- Advantage Staging can create vignettes allowing potential buyers to connect with the use of each room. Rental furnishings and accessories are available at every price point.

Open House- Advantage Staging works with you and your Realtor to prepare your property into model home condition to appeal to the widest group of buyers.

Property Flippers -  With over 25 years in the building industry we will work with you to complete your project on time and on budget.  Rental furniture to create the move in look buyers want is available at every price point.

Downsizing - Don't know where to start before you move? Or have you moved already and realize you can't fit everything in your new space?  Advantage Staging will work with you to select your favourite pieces and create focal points by highlighting the features of your new home.

Senior Transition- Families do not always have the time, inclination or close proximity to assist seniors in a move to new living arrangements. After seeing floor plans of the new living arrangements, we will help you decide which belongings will work in the new home. Arrangements will be made for packing, moving, purchasing new items, arranging for the sale of items that are not moving, storage, etc. Once moving day arrives we will stage your new home and unpack your belongings.  We do all this with the care and patience that is required to make what can be an upsetting time into a more pleasurable experience for everyone.

 Redesign- Need to rearrange your existing furnishings and accessories but just don't know where to start? Advantage Staging uses their expertise to highlight the features of your home and maximize the use of your space.

Personal Shopper – Can't find the time or the resources to complete the staging yourself? Advantage Staging is the answer to your problem. Advantage Staging works for your best interests with Preferred Pricing Partnerships in place.

New Home Staging- You've made the big move and now don't know where to start?  Advantage Staging works with you in your new home. Let our team arrange your furnishings and accessories to maximize space and highlight its best features.


Home Staging Success Stories in Vaughan

Laura Arci  

You're a total one stop shop & unbelievable results with quick professional turnaround time. Now that's a great testimonial!!!

Lori Pederson  

Your name should be "Superwoman Staging"!! You pull off the seemingly impossible, with amazing style

Gillian Best, HGTV Researcher, Next Films Inc. The Unsellables  

You are definitely one of the easiest people I have ever worked with. Accommodating , ready and able. In my business you think you have met interesting people and then I found you. Gillian Best, HGTV Researcher, Next Films Inc. The Unsellables