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How do you stage a triangle shaped room that's only 10 square feet?

A builder called to ask if Advantage Staging could stage one of their units in a condo which had recently won a major world wide award. It is known as the Marilyn Building in Missisauga Ontario. It is quite spectacular from the outside.

marilyn building

It was a difficult lay out and they had not been able to sell the condo vacant. Could we help?

When we entered the condo this is what we saw. A very small living area with off set walls which didn't allow for the TV to line up with the sofa. The main living room wall ended in a triangle shape which was set away from the opposite TV wall.

home staging in vaughan

 home staging in vaughan








The far more difficult room though was a TRIANGLE shaped room off to the right side of the living room which they did not know how to present to buyers.

 That's right, 10 square feet! In the shape of a TRIANGLE!

triangle room before staging

This is one half of the triangle shaped room. It was difficult to photograph in one shot. This is the left side of the room. You can see Lake Ontario in the distance. Quite the view from the 31st floor.

We needed to market that view to the buyer for sure.

What to do, what to do?

We thought it might work staged as a desk area with a casual chair to the side.  That would have been an obvious solution.

But then we are known to be out of the box thinkers when it comes to staging so we offered a second option.

We could stage the tiny space as a lounge area to read, relax and see the lake view off to the south side of the building.

The builder was quite taken aback when we made this suggestion. How on earth would we be able to showcase the room as a lounge. You literally could stretch your arms out and touch the walls.

This is how we staged the triangle room. The first shot is the right side of the triangle room and the second shot is the left side of the room.

staging a triangle room  staging a triangle room

We used two pieces of artwork that were done on a mirror background to give added depth to the room. Added two curved back tub chairs, a matching foot stool along with a glass and polished chrome round end table.

Hard to believe that we were able to fit all that furniture in the small space but now it shows as a great little hide away to relax, read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee. And the view is a perfect one of Lake Ontario and the skyline of Toronto.

What a great marketing tool to use in a small space condo. Everyone needs to get away from it all and this is a personal space carved out of 10 sq. feet. With the patio door to the balcony it really feels like a great personal space.

This is how the off set living room was staged.

staging living roomstaging a condo living room









 staging a triangle room




















Space was created for three to sit watching TV, two small modern coffee tables were used so that they could be moved around when needed for extra company. A single chair was set to the left of the TV on the opposite wall and the single tub chairs from the triangle room could be swung into this area for extra seating.


The adjacent kitchen area also provided extra seating if needed by swinging the chairs around to join the party.

staging a condo kitchen   Hard to believe, but you could now seat 10 people comfortably in this tiny space if you were having a get together.




















Another staging success story by Advantage Staging. When buyers come from all over the world to see the Marilyn Building they now see a truly unique set up inside as well. Buyers would have been left scratching their heads wondering how to live in the odd shaped rooms. Now they can see themselves living there and enjoying the view of Lake Ontario.

Investment, minimal.

Impact, priceless.

Advantage Staging is ready to market your property for sale, triangle rooms our specialty!

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