All I did was....Home Staging Success Stories


All I did was... send a search and rescue crew in to find the kitchen

In this home staging in Vaughan I wanted to show sellers and agents the importance of their listing photos. This condo had a beautiful kitchen but it was difficult to see in photos with the accumulation of day to day living. Hectic lifestyles leave little time to get your home ready for sale.

Fortunately, this seller listened to the suggestions I made to stage their home for sale and the results were dramatic.

All I did in this home staging was put everything away and pack up the items that weren't required for the next 60 days. The 60 day rule allows sellers to figure out very quickly which items to keep and which items to pack away for the move.

Investment, minimal.

Impact, priceless.

Advantage Staging, preparing your home for sale in Vaughan.


home staging kitchen   home staging kitchen











home staging kitchen      home staging kitchen

Comment balloon 21 commentsMichelle Finnamore • July 02 2010 06:55PM


Hi Michelle~  I like  the work of your search and rescue crew!  I also like the 60 day rule!

Posted by Vickie McCartney, Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY (Maverick Realty) over 9 years ago

Brilliant 60 day rule-this ROCKS!!! 

Posted by Cathy Lee, ASP, IAHSP, RESA Danville, CA (CL Design Services Home Staging) over 9 years ago

Love the sixty day rule!  These pictures tell it all...what a difference.

Posted by Sharon Tara, New Hampshire Home Stager (Sharon Tara Transformations) over 9 years ago

Hi Everyone,  by all means use my 60 day rule. I found that it works well for clients as they can quickly assess if it will be needed or not. Do  they have a birthday celebration or a holiday event coming up in that time period? If not the larger items that take up so much room in cabinets and are seldom if ever used get packed away. This allows space to put the things you use everyday in the cabinets freeing up the counter space.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

I do love that rule.

Maybe they will save money by donating the items they don't use and avoid the packing and shipping costs

Posted by Virginia Tatseos (Stage-Show-Sell) over 9 years ago

Michelle - thank you for getting the sellers to take all that "stuff" off the tops of the cabinets.  Yikes!  Very cool rule.

Posted by Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C (EXIT STAGE RIGHT) over 9 years ago

You're NICE to your sellers, 60 days?! - I tell them that unless they honestly use it EVERY day, I has to be put away.  But I LOVE your rule - it gets rid of the pictures, books, etc and what a great transformation!

Posted by Connie Tebyani, Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County (Platinum Home Staging, Inc. : RESA-Pro) over 9 years ago

HI Virginia, I always encourage my clients to donate their unwanted items. It something that I strongly believe in.

HI Sally, I don't know how they prepared their food with all those things on the counter. Something tells me they ate out alot!

HI Connie, I find that when I would say keep what you use every day they would keep too much as they might need to use it. Now with the 60 day rule it defines the use very clearly for them. When I return to stage invariably they have achieved the 2/3 rule for the amount a cabinet has in it and they are smiling as they can now find everything they are looking for very easily. They also say they are going to keep it this way in the new house. I think that speaks volumes about the importance of listening to a stagers suggestions. We give them real life processes for getting their life back in control and not feeling overwhelmed with "so much stuff".

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

Sounds like a good rule Michelle ;). You certainly made a big difference in the kitchen.

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) over 9 years ago

Love the rule. I should use it in my own home!

Posted by Shar Sitter, Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis/ St. Paul, M (Rooms With Style) over 9 years ago

Hi Janice, thanks for stopping in to see this kitchen. I am sure you have seen your share just like this one!

Hi Shar, I just did my desk and my bookcase. You tend to keep things thinking that you will use them. With the 60 day rule, if I haven't touched it in 60 days it gets tossed unless it is a supplier info sheet, then it gets filed.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

Michelle, Sorry I missed this when you posted it... it is priceless!  Put items away when getting ready to sell.  I love this post.

Posted by 1~Judi Barrett, BS Ed, Integrity Real Estate Services -IDABEL OK (Integrity Real Estate Services 118 SE AVE N, Idabel, OK 74745) over 9 years ago


Nice job on making that kitchen look the best it had in years I'm sure. I agree with Shar, this rule should be in effect for everyone's home. :)


Posted by Paul Peck, Licensed Drywall and Painting Contractor (Peck Drywall and Painting serving Brevard County, Florida) over 9 years ago

Wow, what great before and after pics. What a difference you made. Hard to believe it's the same kitchen.

Posted by Bill Wilson (Paradigm AdvantEdge) over 9 years ago

Michelle, it doesn't even look like the same kitchen, it looks excellent.  It is a good advice about the 60 days rule, I may need to borrow that idea, thanks for sharing!

Posted by Rita Fong, Realtor - Marion Arkansas Homes for Sale (RE/MAX REAL ESTATE TODAY, Executive Broker 901-488-9590 ) over 9 years ago

HI Judi, it is always the first line of business when staging-please put away what you do not need in the next 60 days. Get the house sold and then you can go back to normal. By doing this, you have fewer people traipsing through your home for a shorter period of time.

Hi Paul, I agree with you - a great rule for all of us. Every three months I look at my counter and ask myself do I really need all that stuff out.

HI Bill, that's exactly what the home owner said!

Hi Rita, it works for my clients and more importantly they are glad I let them know how to get their life under control again. Everything they are looking for is so much easier to find once all the stuff they collect and never use is gone.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

Michelle, I saw Judi's reblog so had to come by and tell you I think this is priceless!  Well done.

Posted by Lee & Pamela St. Peter, Making Connections to Success in Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices YSU Realty: (919) 645-2522) over 9 years ago

Hi Pamela and Lee, I know how much the agent appreciated me having this discussion with their client. The agent works so hard to get a listing they really don't want to be  the person to say .... hey you know what mr. and mrs. seller? we really need you to put your things away so that the buyers can see what they are buying. The seller always takes my advice and I make the agent look like a super star when the property sells quickly and for list. The seller tells everyone they meet about their recent home selling experience with the agent  and the great stager that they brought in. It was worth the effort to prepare the house for sale and this couple actually said that they were going to keep living this way. Now that is what you call a satisfied customer.

Thanks for the reblog Judi!

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

Love the title Michele...It really is a nice kitchen in there....great job!

Posted by Kimberley Hawley, Hawley Interiors & Staging (Hawley Interiors & Staging) over 9 years ago

I like the 60 day rule, I may have to try that one on a client that I have now. Love the before and after photos great job...

Posted by Mary Lou Teague, Home Style and Staging Knoxville. TN (HOME STYLE AND STAGING LLC ) over 9 years ago

Hi Kimberley, a catchy title always gets the readers so I have learned from the members here on AR.

Hi Mary Lou, I use the rule with every client. Everyone hears that they should declutter, but know one clarifies what that means to them. This rule really focuses what the client should do and they appreciate that you have told them.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 9 years ago

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