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That dog can hunt!!! (When instinct meets intuition)


This post is by Sergio DePinto, an agent at Remax Premier who attended a couple of seminars that I conducted there. Sergio listened intently to my suggestions on why you would want to be part of Active Rain, the largest free networking site for agents, home stagers etc. Sergio took to heart the suggestion I made to write from your heart and you will never be without good, quality content for your blog. Boy!  is he ever a good story teller.  I love reading his posts and thought you would too. So here is one of his latest musings.


As anyone who's owned or hunted with a dog knows... either the boy hunts, or he won't hunt. The dog either has it in him, or he's a lost cause.

What's the determining factor? Is it breeding or training? Breeding enhances the odds of producing a winner and training is meant to bring out the best of the hunter. There are so many reasons, all valid, but summed up it's a critical mix of instinct and intuition that makes a good hunting dog. Remy sleeping

My dog Remy can hunt. He took to training immediately and displayed the instinct and passion that made him a happy hunter. Even though he panicked at the sound of a thunderstorm, he learned not to flinch at gunfire and not creep no matter how tempting. He could hear the sound of a bird before it was hatched. He would know if a squirrel was even thinking about visiting our yard. Intuitively, he'd awaken from a nap to find something to point out; something to bring to my attention. He knew the sound of my truck's engine over all other vehicles and reacted accordingly. He was an example of instinct and intuition at its best.

Why this talk of hunting dogs?  

Realtors, as a professional group and as individuals, display common traits in personality. At the beginning of our careers, we all exhibit a determination to succeed despite the risks and demands of the industry. We have a sincere desire to provide a great service; to do a great job and have our clients acknowledge it. We absorb their problems, their concerns, we really want to shine. We thrive on acceptance from our office and our peers and to build a following and loyalty of our clients. ( you should be laughing by now)

After a few years, sometimes less, we tend to become jaded and disappointed when reality hits. After that suspect buyer finds a home with another agent, or that seller you've been grooming for months ends up listing with another. When that mortgage agent says "no problem, no problem", and calls you on closing to tell you "we have a problem". This is when our critical decision is made, and where most of us (using my local board stats), leave the business.

We're the ones who stay; the ones who learn the disciplines of a good hunter. We stop blaming others for ‘doing it to us' and accept the fact that our own poor judgments and shortcomings created our disappointments. We get over it!

Like the good hunting dog, we listen closely to our intuition; the voice that screams out "stop", or "don't go there". We develop our instincts and start trusting our intuitive nature. We learn not to flinch; we replace emotionalism with objectivity in the selling process and become more valuable to our clients.

After a quarter century in real estate, I treasure the ability to follow my intuition and instinct, over any other attributes or resources of the profession. I value the experience and passion I have in my business over any financial resources, high tech tools, office environment, or ‘new' training program. I've been quick to evaluate the market, the economic shifts, an investment opportunity, and my client's needs. I can smell out a bad situation; a failing office, a problematic property or transaction, with accuracy of a bird dog. I regret that I've not always acted on this insight in the past, but happy that, over time, I've learned to trust these abilities.

Not because I'm smart but because I got trained!



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Comment balloon 3 commentsMichelle Finnamore • August 02 2010 08:04PM



Thanks for the post.  I really enjoyed it!

Posted by Faina Reinhardt ( over 10 years ago

HI Faina, I am very fortunate in that I get to work with Sergio all the time. He really has a way with words and is always planning one event or another which makes for good conversations.  Glad you stopped in to read his latest thoughts.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 10 years ago

Thanks Michelle, and thanks Faina....

With all the nice words... a fella can lose his humility. Thanks to Nella... there's no chance of that. LOL :)

I'm lucky to have a great teacher.


Posted by Sergio DePinto (Royal LePage Maximum Realty.,Brokerage - Greater Toronto Area) over 10 years ago

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