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Eating with nude people in the room

I was Staging this property in Alliston and had just about finished the room when I really had to take the client aside and insist that the artwork be changed to something more appropriate for the dining room.

It was a series of three nudes of one sort or another. Taking a bath in some other century etc. I explained that Staging was to market the purpose of the room.

A bistro picture would be so much more appropriate. It took two days for the client to think it over but here is the results. Paitence is a virtue in Staging.

We are the professionals and we know what must be done. I never did convince the client to remove the place settings though. I not a believer in setting the table when the property is for sale.

Advantage Staging will market your property to stand out from the competition every time.

Investment, minimal.

Impact, priceless.

home staging in Alliston

home staging in Alliston

Comment balloon 24 commentsMichelle Finnamore • July 18 2008 08:57AM


Michelle:  The room and the table look just great.  And yes, I am not sure dining with those nude pictures would be my first choice.  Eating nude, and then spilling hot gravy do not make for a good combination... LOL.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) over 11 years ago

By the way, Michelle, great job on the headling for your post.  I bet it brings lots of comments.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) over 11 years ago

I still see a Butt in the back ground in the bottom picture!

Dessert in the nude with candle light perhaps, but never the main course!


Posted by Robert Rauf (HomeBridge Financial Services (NJ)) over 11 years ago

This made me laugh because I just had to tell a client, who in general had great taste and a lovely home, to take the calendar of large women in lingerie off his refrigerator!  He didn't find it offensive and didn't think others would either, but he did end up taking it down thankfully!

Posted by Michelle Bush (Realty World Molesevich and Associates) over 11 years ago

Michelle, funny post, we not only have to stage but be counselors are well.. I like place settings mainly for the color..  God bless,

Posted by No Longer Active in Staging. No Longer Staging over 11 years ago

Wise decision - and good for the seller. too!  Julie

Posted by Julia Maher, Connecticut Home Stager (Nestings: Connecticut Home Staging and Model Homes) over 11 years ago

Hi Karen Anne, I chose that title as that was exactly the question that I asked the client. Do you want to eat with nude people in the dining room? When I phrased it like that the husband said was I offering? LOL!!!

The wife still had to think about it for a day as she really liked the nude artwork.

Hi Robert, yes I still have to figure out how to place my before and afters on AR. The other two showed even more nudity that you didn't want to have to see while eating a shish ka bob if you get my drift.

Hi Michelle, it really is amazing what we have to discuss with our clients in a day. Thank goodness we
Stagers are a versatile lot.

I just think place settings in this instance in particular made the small room look even smaller.

Hi Julia, thanks for stopping in. I think nudes are fine in the bedroom, but not even then when staging to sell. I am sure it is different for every culture. I know in Hungary (I think it is) you can have a postage stamp made in your image- Even nudes. There was story about this in the paper here in Canada.Our post office offers the same service and a Hungarian lady sent in her nude photo and was disappointed to learn that she had been turned down. Go figure! No pun intended.





Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

Maybe dinner could be a rump roast?

Posted by Leslie Hoyt, Hello Home! (Hello Home!) over 11 years ago

Michelle ~ I thought from your title you were working with some nudists!  I'm glad they were okay with taking down the artwork. 

Posted by Kathy Passarette, L.I. Staging/Decorating (Creative Home Expressions) over 11 years ago

lol....Well you sure know how to write a title :)

Posted by Marina Vazzana, CSP, Home Staging Oshawa and Durham Region (CRE-A-TIVE Staging & Redesign - Durham Region) over 11 years ago

Great catchy title.  I did a house that had nudes in almost every room.  They were tastefully done, but I could just see a kid saying "Mommie look at that lady".  They had to go!

Posted by Cindy Bryant, "Houston Home Staging Pros" (Redesign Etc. Home Staging) over 11 years ago

I've got a few clients where these types of photos are a vital part of their culture. In their eyes nudity, especially in a photo is a pure art form and an expression of their lifestyle. I'm not talking about nudists, I'm talking about people with roots deep in Europe where pure food, pure living and pure conversation are encouraged. I guess I am having trouble putting it into words, but maybe you get the angle.

As for do "I" think that it is appropriate? I dont think it is or isnt. The site of a black and white photo with the backside of a youth's body doesnt invoke a "dirty feeling" to me whatsoever. Now if it were a photo of an adult with body hair all over I think it would at least imply the possibility of hair, or worse in my food.

Like everyone else said... GREAT TOPIC Line.  It got me to drop in on my run through the topics.


Posted by Darrel Davis, Southern Heritage Realty (Winter Garden, Florida) over 11 years ago

HI Mark and Leslie, no pun intended of course!

Hi Kathy, Marina, and Cindy- yes I have been known to write good copy. :) Thank you for the compliment.


HI Darrel, Exactly. I don't have a preference one way or another. My job is to get the buyer taliking about the house, connect with how they could live there. Not to talk about the seller's possessions.  It is near impossible for a youngster to see artwork with nudes and not comment on it.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

Michelle - I have a small collection of Icart prints that adorn the master bedroom. I remove those from the walls when I move.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 11 years ago

Hi Mike, sound advice for everyone. Thanks for weighing in on this topic.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

Nude art is the best in the world.  It shows the most beautifully designed body in the world.

My home has at least 10 nude or semi nude pieces of art.  

When I sell the house............they will all come down

Posted by Virginia Tatseos (Stage-Show-Sell) over 11 years ago

As a CNSA, I've been to many homes, and many keep their place settings on the table.  It wouldn't be my way to decorate, staging or not, but hey, everyone is different.


Posted by Ronald Gillis, CNSA Southwest Florida. Notaries, Port Charlotte, 941-7-NOTARY (Southwest Florida Notaries (Mortgage Notary Signing Agent)) over 11 years ago

The worst is a lot of mirrors on the bedroom wall above the bed, LOL once in awhile I see that in a listed home, the visuals are really bad.

Posted by Mary Strang over 11 years ago


Aloha Michelle,


It's unfortunate that some people are uncomfortable with nudity and nudity in art. However, I agree you made the right choice in replacing the nudes. Nude photographs even when tastefully done should be avoided in staging.










Nude paintings that don't resemble saloon art can work beautifully if the art is more impressionistic or abstract, I  think it best to avoid realistic renderings as much as possible and keep the pieces exclusively in the bedrooms and bathrooms.


Posted by Kimo Stowell, REALTOR Associate® RS-76763 - Honolulu Hawai'i (HI Pro Realty LLC RB-21531 ) over 11 years ago

Hi Virginia, that's the perfect way. Enjoy them yourself, but not for Staging purposes.

HI Ronald,  I believe that it was a popular trend about 20 years ago. It is mostly the clientele that is in their 60's - 70's that really enjoy the look of a set table. It is not something that the younger crowd takes part in.

HI Mary, What do you do with the mirrors when Staging? In your experience, when they are removed are they glued to the ceiling? Or are they hung in some other fashion? Would there be a lot of repair work involved? I can imagine that the walls would need repairing. Thinking of the visuals is exactly what potential buyers would be doing and missing the the selling points of the house. Not what Staging is all about.

Aloha Kimo, Impressionistic is the way to go. I love it as well. I agree thattThe bedrooms are the ideal place for this artwork while living in the house. Nice touch with the artwork in the post.  Some day I will learn how to ramp up my posts with add ins like that! :)

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

Cute title, Michelle.  And, I loved the response from the husband.  The rooms looks great.  As for the table setting, it's not so bad as it ties the wall color into the room.


Posted by Kathy Nielsen, Atlanta Georgia Home Stager ( over 11 years ago

Hi Kathy, that's the only reason I conceded to allowing the place settings to stay. If they had been another colour and stood out I probably would have insisted that they be stored.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

Agreeing w/ everyone about the great title Michelle. I personally love nude paintings and sketches but not in the dining area when staging.

I love the white Gerber Daisies in the clear cylinders on the table, nice modern touch!

Posted by Cynthia Bartch, Redesigned Spaces; All Round Nice Gal (Home Stager/Property Stylist & more! Granville, Ohio) over 11 years ago

HI Cynthia,

I love modern classic florals. These are from a floral supply and I have them in several colours.

The vases are actually glasses from their bar.

I also like repetition in props and accessories. It really puts a modern stamp on any property and makes it look instantly updated.

Thanks for stopping in. It is true, a great title makes the difference to your blog being read.

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) over 11 years ago

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